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240 Smithdown Rd.   Liverpool L15 5AH
Tel (44)0151 733 7808

*** Established 1973 ***
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Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland
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Dafna's Cheese Cake Factory is a well known cake bakery in the Liverpool area.
Dafna specialises in producing quality cakes, all made to non-commercial recipes,
utilising domestic kitchen equipment. Cheesecake, produced in ten flavours,
is the most popular product.
A range of wheat-free cakes and a range of dairy free cakes are in stock.
In addition to over fifty cakes and desserts, Dafna sells quality confectionery
and imported Belgian chocolates.

Click here to view a short documentary featuring Dafna's history
Produced by Glenn Hanstock of Electrobank Media

Glenn has produced the film as an entry to a competition, run by Sony Productions.

Open Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Closed on Sundays

New cakes:

Peanut & Chocolate Fudge Cake
Hummingbird CakePetit Fours
Banoffee CakeSticky Toffee & Pecan Cake

New range -VEGAN CAKES

Vegan Cupcakes

  Holly de Sylva wrote:
  I came in yesterday and bought
  a box of vegan cupcakes, i just
  wanted to feedback that they
  were great! It can be hard to get
  really tasty vegan cakes so
   myself and my vegan boyfriend
  really appreciate the effort!
  thanks Dafnas team!
New, improved Vegan Chocolate Cake

Click here to see a blog by Karen Coe & Niamh Conway of the 5crumby bakers
(pictured above with Anne)

Simon Rimmer, co-presenter of Channel 4 Sunday Brunch program, poped in to buy a Carrot Cake and was delighted to meet Maisie who baked it.

Want to turn your child into a virtuoso? We can help

Meet Matilda (below). She comes in every week without fail to buy a speciality chocolate after she has been to her violin class as a reward for practicing hard! Her mum says Dafna's is the perfect motivator! Nicola Benedetti watch this space!

BREAKING NEWS: Matilda has just gained her Twinkler certificate. Click here to see it. Congratulations to Matilda!

Juliet Shield was a well known Liverpool owner and operator of cutting edge restaurants and award winning sandwich cafes. Those included La Bouffe, La Grand Bouffe, Mangetout and the coffee shop at the Tate Gallery when it first opened. With 30 years’ experience behind her, Juliet now lives in London and works as a Restaurant Consultant Read an article about Dafna's on Juliet's blog
Following received from satisfied customers:
Dear Mrs Lev
Thank you for the wonder of your cakes!
You supplied some for my daughter’s wedding and they provided us not just with a great pudding but also with warm gusts of nostalgia and fond memories.
Your cakes, like a good tune have gathered happy memories around them and woven themselves into the best bits of our lives!
Frank Cottrell Boyce
(November 2009)
In his latest book "The Astounding Broccoli Boy" Frank wrote:
'The best thing ever is the cheesecake from Dafna's Cheesecake Factory' (page 44).
And this email sent by Christopher from Anfield (June 2010):
Just thought I'd say a big thank you for just being there. It is the best shop in the world with the tastiest cakes ever. Staff are amazingly friendly and I always feel right at home surrounded by all that confectionery sinfullness!!!!
Keep it up for many more years this city needs to keep shops like this going.


Thank you all. Being appreciated makes it all worth while.

Jobs with Dafna's
We are always interested to hear from bakers who would like to bake for us at home or are looking for a part-time job. For further information please tell us about yourself and any relevant experience you have.

Celebrating 36 years
of serving you